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The Morning Line: Seahawks Teamwork Can Craze Peyton in XLVIII

By Scheherazade Q.

Sheila Kurtz, CEO of Graphology Consulting Group, selects her Superbowl pick based on the handwriting analyses of the Coaches and QB's of the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. She has correctly picked the winners of the past three Superbowls by using the tools of biometric graphology. She knows "absolutely nothing" about football, but she says "We really know handwriting".

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GCG's Superbowl Pic

Superbowl XLVIII
By: Sheila Kurtz
Master Graphologist and CEO of Graphology Consulting Group
© 2014 Graphology Consulting Group All Rights Reserved

Pete Carroll, Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll - SeahawksThis coach dreams big in all dimensions. He displays a huge creative imagination with big loops below the baseline and equally big ones in the upper-loop realms of philosophy, spirituality, and even musicality.
He desires personal responsibility (big sidewise loop in P for Pete) and wants to be well known for taking it. However, he will rationalize and make excuses (left loop in the a in Carroll) if things don’t proceed in his direction.
He is open-minded (clear, open e formations), and he will listen to advice without interference from excessive preconceptions. Strong crossbars on the t forms indicate strong drive and will power.
There are a few signs of confusion (long g loop touches the P). He enjoys life when lots of stuff is going on, but he may keep too many irons in the fire and thus he may get scattered.
The hook on end of the e in Pete signals tenacity; he will hold on to ideas, possessions, traditions for a long time, and sometimes a little too long.


Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

He may sometimes act first and think second (the somewhat right slant to the writing). He likes to get directly to matters at hand without wasting time.
He advertises himself as larger than life (outsized signature), but this is balanced with a bit of caution (long lower line at the termination of the signature scrawl). His textual writing is smaller, more rhythmic and refined, and far more self contained, as his personality probably is beneath the guises of his public figure.
He is very intuitive (spaces between letters); he will leap to conclusions and “trust to his gut”. His trustworthy intuition helps him reach conclusions faster than he could without it.
It is not easy to get to know Wilson (block printing) or to figure out with surety how his mind really works; he could be a keen poker player.
He has the motivational desire to acquire (beginning hook on the R), exactly what (Money? Praise? Fame?) we cannot say (not enough data). It is clear from tenacity hooks (at the end of words) throughout his textual script that what he gets he likes to keep.


John Fox, Head Coach, Denver Broncos

John Fox - BroncosThere is too little available data (just two signatures and a short, printed note) for a fuller analysis. However, big J loop signal a man who desires to take charge and accept responsibility, and the long final stroke indicates considerable caution. The strong crossbar in middle of the F signals strong drive and practical goals with good organizational skills.



Peyton Manning, QB Denver Broncos

 Peyton Manning - BroncosThe purported handwriting of quarterback Peyton Manning is vexing and problematic, at least when the samples we analyzed were written in 2013.
Manning inscribes very strong t-bars that cross the t stems, a signal of strong enthusiasm, very strong drive, and practical (middling) goals (where the t-bar crosses the t stems) considering his unique skills and abilities.
He is both acquisitive (hooks at the beginning of words) and has considerable tenacity (hooks at the end of letters) and so what he gets he will hang on to for as long as he can, and then some.
He takes the initiative when required (upward breakaway strokes throughout writing), although his determination to follow through is not particularly strong.
He is happier as a talker than as a listener (open topped a and o formations) and he may frequently tune out listening to others while he decides what to reply.
He thinks a great deal of himself (extra tall t stems) and in his case pride has morphed into vanity.
Tent formations in many of the t forms indicate a stolid, intractable stubbornness. He’ll cling to his beliefs long after he knows they are proven incorrect. His closed, murky e formations indicate a person of many deeply entrenched beliefs and an almost opaque closed-mindedness. He really wants to do things his own way.
He is domineering (t bars that slant down with a tapered, arrow-like formation) and must take charge in a forceful way. Successful generals, including Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, possessed this trait. He resents anyone who tries to tell him what to do (rigid lines at lean up against other lines; the first stroke in the word “working” and “urge” are good examples). Many of his t bars are as pointed as a stiletto and signal a potentially devastating sarcasm that can puncture the ego and morale of others.
There are murky and muddy points throughout the script (“faith” “Keep” “Sincerely” for example) that signal an addictive personality (to people, practices, medications, etc.) and the downward slant of the overall writing can indicate a somewhat depressed state of mind.
The high flying phallus-shape over the top of his P in Peyton is a mysterious and idiosyncratic flourish, the implications of which only he and a few others may truly appreciate.

If Coach Fox can manage QB Manning’s issues as a powerful personality, then Manning may be able to use his athletic talents to the best advantage. But we cannot say with assurance that Fox can do this because the data about him is just too sparse. But even if Wilson is a “Quarterback Whisperer,” he will have a very dicey job.
On the other hand, Coach Carroll and QB Wilson are a combination that could well operate smoothly together, with their team in synch and harmony.

Because of this, we at select the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl of 2014.


Coach Carroll - Sample Russell Wilson - Sample Coach Fox - Sample Peyton Manning - Sample

© 2014 Graphology Consulting Group All Rights Reserved


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