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Handwriting in the News

By Scheherazade Q.

Handwriting has been making the rounds in the news. We bring you a compilation of the latest articles referring to our favorite form of expression below.

A Car That Understands Your Handwriting
Business Insider

Even when Audi introduced last year the use of handwriting for drivers to input information on their GPS, the new BMW SUV improves the technology by integrating the touch-pad into the control scroll wheel.

See the video for yourself by clicking on the picture.

To read the full article from Business insider, click here.

Hidden Handwritten Text by Jane Austen
The Guardian

Jane Austen's Handwriting

A piece of paper of 5 inches in length by 1 inch in height in which Jane Austen wrote what seems to be a copy of sermon from her brother, is being scrutinized by scholars, as it seems to have imprints of a different text on the back. Connoisseurs say it's possible is a continuation of the text on the front... But everyone seems to hope to the contrary.
According to the article, the piece of paper was  discovered in a first edition of The Memoirs of Jane Austen, recently purchased by the Jane Austen's House Museum at Chawton.

The snippet shows Austen writing that: "Men may get into a habit of repeating the words of our Prayers by rote, perhaps without thoroughly understanding – certainly without thoroughly feeling their full force & meaning," This was a subject she contemplated in her own novel Mansfield Park, which was published in 1814.

The book and the snippet will be featured in an exhibition at Jane Austen's House Museum later this year to celebrate the bicentenary of Mansfield Park.
Read the full Guardian article, here.

A Handwritten Petition Goes All The Way To The Supreme Court.
The New York Times

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case of constitutional challenge to an Arkansas state prison's grooming policy.The case was filed in a detailed handwritten petition directly by inmate, Gregory Holt -which has gained a lot of a attention. As per SOTUS in November 2013, Holt should be allowed to grow a beard of up to one-half of an inch in length in accordance with his religious beliefs.
   The fact that Holt's petition was handwritten is singled out in almost all news about the case. The upcoming hearing highlights the importance of the cases' subject matter but did the handwritten petition had any part on it?

Find Holt's full handwritten petition here.
To read the New York Times article, click here.

Mickey Mantle's Final Speech Handwritten Notes to be Auctioned.
Fox Sports

   Mantle's speech was televised on July 12, 1995 from the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas while he was recovering from a liver transplant. On it,omega replica watches Mantle begged his fans "Please don't do drugs and alcohol". He was seriously ill through complication caused by alcoholism.
   The speech notes were written on the back of a PGA golf tour scorecard from his hospital bed. They will be auctioned this April at a starting price of $10,000.

Mantle passed away four weeks after this public address. Despite his problems with substance abuse, Mantle is remembered as one of the greatest players in baseball history. Mantle was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974 [2] and was elected to the Major League Baseball All-Century Team in 1999.2014 new.

Read the full article here.
For the auction page, visit Grey Flannel Auctions.

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