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Frequently Asked Questions: Biometric Graphology


Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions regarding graphology, the Graphology Consulting Group and our services. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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What is handwriting?

Handwriting is the drawing of symbolic lines with a stylus of some sort. In its many forms, handwriting is a way for the human brain to connect with the outer world. The shapes and mechanisms of the lines that form learned letters is a clear and relatively current indicator of the brain's modes and capabilities. Some researchers call human handwriting "an electroencephalogram (EEG) without the wires.

How can a handwriting analysis help me in my daily life?

A handwriting analysis is useful because it will give you an unvarnished image of what your handwriting and thus what your brain is revealing about you. If there are strengths apparent, you can strengthen them. If the analysis spots a weakness, you may find it profitable to work it out. Most people are surprised and some are flabbergasted to find out how on target our analyses are!

Why analyze handwriting?

Handwriting analysis is a tool that reveals unique insights about an individual's brain-modes and capabilities. As a personal tool, it works to reveal interests, abilities and qualities of an individual. As a business tool, handwriting analysis earns an almost perfect score as a non-discriminatory employment test as it does not reveal gender, race, religious affiliations, mode of dress, age, etc. However a person's handwriting does indicate energy levels, emotional states, loyalty, thinking patterns, achievement skills, goal orientation, signs of procrastination, depression, and impatience, among other significant traits.

What kind of information does handwriting reveal?

Handwriting may reveal signals that describe the writer's energy and drive, enthusiasm, creativity, personal goals, thinking patterns, levels of deceit, sensitivity to criticism, sense of humor, decisiveness, emotional bent, and upwards of 200 indications more.

Who believes in handwriting analysis?

Individuals and companies of different origins, interests and industries. Graphology Consulting has worked with several companies, including Dupont, The New York Jets, Saks Fifth Avenue, ABC, American Express, Utah Jazz, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and Gannett Newspaper Corporation. We also have analyzed more than 150,000 medical doctors worldwide at important medical conferences.

Who uses handwriting analysis?

Businesses that hire entry level employees who are screened for abilities and integrity. Lawyers deal with handwriting analysis in picking juries and examination of questioned documents. Investigators and intelligence agencies use handwriting analysis to add its insights to their personal profiles. Sales people use it to gain an edge in selling by learning more about themselves. For a list of companies we've worked for, check the answer to "Who believes in handwriting analysis?"

Do writing samples have to include all letters of the alphabet?

No, they don't. Handwriting analysis is based on the lines themselves and the use the writer makes of them and not on individual letters. By their own shape, and the lines necessary to complete them certain letters tend to reveal more than other. Others specifics can be obtained through certain capital letters as well as through the use of letters with loops, dots, crossing lines and tails. For our analysis report we request users write determined phrases that make use of the letters we need in order to obtain information!

Why does my handwriting change at times?

Because you change and your handwriting reflects your current situations and moods. Under significant stress your handwriting may be illegible. When you are sure of yourself, it may get stronger and more decisive. When you are sad, it might slant downward. Your handwriting is a way your brains make themselves graphically known to yourself and to others, and unless you are an automaton or deeply disturbed, some of your handwriting's changeable characteristics will fluctuate while other more entrenched characteristics will stay more or less constant.

Are there handwriting indications of integrity, or lack of same?

Yes. There are ranges of integrity levels from telling petty tales to petty theft to unsavory behavior of increasingly unacceptable sorts. At least some of these are signaled by handwriting. Graphology is on-target in spotting people who fool themselves and because they seem so cock-sure, they thus proceed to fool others.

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