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Your own handwriting contains enough clues to provide unique and useful answers to hundreds of questions, including:

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  • What are your business aptitudes?
  • Do you use and trust your intuition?
  • Are you naturally outgoing or reserved?
  • Do you bring your dreams to reality?
  • Are you excessively impatient?
  • Is your thinking Methodical, Investigative, Hyperfast or all three?
  • Do you think before you act?
  • How good a listener are you?

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Our professionals, assisted by our very own Computer-assisted Handwriting Analysis Program™, better known as CHAP™, can make your own personal graphology report one of the most interesting and important documents you have ever read.

You can Contact Us at or call 786-999-2413 for further questions. If you prefer, you can also get your own personalized base report online right away!

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