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The Graphology Consulting Group (GCG) provides handwriting analysis services to corporations, firms, and business intelligence organizations worldwide. We specialize in private and confidential high profile analyses and compatibility reports for upper-middle to top level management and sales personnel.

Years of experience has shown that the dynamic compatibility of current executives and new team members is essential to increase company productivity and profitability. Our graphology studies can reveal whether potential hires will adapt and grow well in the company's culture.

Among the services offered to major corporations throughout the United States and Europe, we include:

  • Executive-level graphology reports for upper management and board membership.
  • Large-scale employee screening to narrow candidate fields to the few best.
  • Retreats that focus on team building, productivity and conflict reduction.
  • Integrity screening for on-going security.

The use of handwriting analysis in the hiring process provides information that assures executives that the person hired is the best-fitted candidate for the job. Handwriting analysis earns an almost perfect score as a non-discriminatory employment test because it does not reveal gender, race, religious affiliations, mode of dress, age, etc. A person's handwriting does indicate energy levels, emotional states, loyalty, thinking patterns, achievement skills, goal orientation, levels of deceit, signs of procrastination, depression, and impatience, among other significant traits.

Sheila Kurtz, MGA (Master of Graphology), president of GCG, has brought together an association of expert graphologists, psychologists, computer programmers, graphics designers and production managers who are opening up frontiers in psychology and marketing through handwriting analysis. "Handwriting analysis is a way to recognize and reach for the highest potentials in human beings," says Ms. Kurtz.

"Handwriting analysis can give us significant psychological clues to the person in our lives we can control best: ourselves. Handwriting analysis deciphers our brain writing and permits us to glimpse the true setting of our subconscious mind, which is much larger and fuller than our conscious mind. And what it does for us it also does for others. Handwriting analysis is destined to become a ubiquitous tool for therapy and evaluation in the next few decades."

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