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Flash Analysis: Beyoncé

By Scheherazade Q.

It seems difficult to surprise people nowadays... To bring things to a real next level (and by real I mean away of all the digital paraphernalia). Beyoncé, however, does it with a daring simplicity.
She single-handedly brought back Video Clips to a generation that had forgotten that MTV did more than reality shows, and she did it just by sweating out one of the most wonderful choreographies of the decade. Not with a camel at the top of the Empire State building, not by an animation overload... Just through choreography. It takes a rather powerful soul to do that.
Then, on December 13th of 2013, she did what no other known artist seems to have managed to do in the Social Media age: she dropped an entire album completely unannounced and, along with it, a full video for each of its songs: 17 in total. No leaks. No news. Just: Boom. There you have it. 
The woman works. And she works well.
Beyoncé uses not only music to express herself, but she's also known to use handwritten notes to leave messages to her fans and those she admires it even in a digital age. That, to me shows that she's not afraid to leave a piece of herself in what she does.
What does the handwriting of such a person say? Thankfully I have Sheila to ask!
What better way to celebrate the Grammy's this week and the one-year anniversary of Beyoncé's Superbowl XLVII performance?
Beyonce Knowles: Handwriting Analysis
Beyoncé Knowles
By: Sheila Kurtz
Master Graphologist and CEO of Graphology Consulting Group

The first thing I noticed on Beyoncé's sample is the light pressure in her writing. The way she presses down on her writing implement shows that handles stress easily. Tension leaves her quickly.
Her vertical slant indicates objectivity. Her emotions don't tend to take over her decision making, even when most might perceive her as stressed out all of the time. The open e loops on her sample, show that Beyoncé is totally open to ideas and suggestions from others and takes criticism well.
She is a logical thinker and also intuitive. Intuition speeds up thinking and gives one a head start in understanding others.
She is very self-reliant and likes to do things herself.

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