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A True Signature Party

By Scheherazade Q.

How can graphology contribute to make your event both unique and memorably fun?
Nina Grisom of Food & Wine magazine shares her experience on hostess Rena Sindi's Signature-inspired dinner party.
From Graphology Consulting, every guest received a personal analysis that was individually placed at their dinner table the day of the event. Samples of guests' handwriting were requested with each guest's RSVP card. They were asked to hand write a particular text and send it back for analysis.The message guests write may be custom-fashioned to emphasize the theme of the event, just as the presentation of the resulting analyses.
The handwriting reports are singular ice-breakers and conversation starters, and personal to every They also work as a take-home treat.
All handwriting is almost absolutely original and personal.
Are business dinners, bridal showers or receptions on your agenda? Do you wish your affair to be unconventional and remarkable? Find on this Food & Wine report how handwriting analysis was the social spark that made the party memorable.
An excerpt is below. You can read the full published article by clicking on each magazine page.
A Signature Dinner Party
By: Nina Griscom
Food and Wine Magazine

No one loves a theme party more than New York City hostess Rena Sindi. For each chapter of her new book, Be My Guest: Theme Party Savoir Faire, to be published next month by Assouline, she staged an amazing event with one of her famous friends. Among the best was a Chinese Pink and Red Dinner and Dancing Party at Manhattan's Doubles Club. I turned up in a vintage embroidered red-silk Chinese robe, with a pair of chopsticks -perfect for poking cheeky friends. Even though I'd opted to leave my Suzy Wong wig at home, I had tons of fun.
More recentrly, Rena hooked up with F&W editor in chief Dana Corwin to throw a dinner party with another fabulous theme: signatures [...]
RSVP Cards

In keeping up with the signature theme, Dana and Rena sent each guest a box containing an invitation, a quill pen and a card, which we were told to sign and return along with a handwriting sample (we'd learn why later). That was easy. We were also asked to wear our signature outfits and advised that renowed photographer Jessica Craig-Martin would be shooting us for the book [...]
After an hour or so of mingling, we were summoned to the dinner table, which had been beautifully decked out like a long library table... My curiosity about the cards we'd been asked to sign and return was satified the moment I arrived to my seat. Each person's signature had been replicated on a napkin, which served as a place card.

Plus, our handwriting samples had been sent to graphologist for analysis, and printouts of the results awaited us. Simon Doonan (the New York Observer columnist and Barneys fashion guru) pulled a fast one and had his assistant sign for him, so the naughty boy missed out on the fun. My analysis was right on the mark about my personality - stubborn, organized, rambunctious; I'm still awaiting to see if any of its predictions about my career and private life pan out. But I already knew that with chefs like Nobu, Daniel, Terrance and Claudia in charge, dinner would be remarkable. And it was. You'll see me and the rest of the group enjoying it in all our hedonism in Be My Guest. When I get my hands on a copy I know exactly what I'll do: I'll ask Rena to autograph it in her best handwriting.

The Menu

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